When we booked our flight to Europe this May, we were only thinking about the lowest fare and not our first destination. We chose Copenhagen because the seats were cheap! Our original plan was to fly in and out of Copenhagen using it for a launching site to Sweden and Germany. When we arrived at our hotel in the middle of the night we conked out, exhausted from a long day of travel. I woke up at four in the morning and peaked out the window for my first look at the city. Just as I was taking in the lovely view, a group of young people sailed by on their bicycles after a night of partying. Each boy had a pretty danish girl perched on his handlebars or behind him and they were chattering away on their cool, early-morning ride home. This was just the first of many times I was thankful we chose Copenhagen as our first stop.


Denmark is fun. With such friendly outgoing citizens, how could it not be? If you are on holiday in Denmark it is perfectly acceptable to crack open a Tuborg beer on the train and relax and chat with your neighbors.  In the U.S., some might look askance at you, but in Denmark life is meant to be enjoyed.  We laughed and giggled at the Fish Kiss Spa, while tiny fish nibbled at our feet and gave us a pedicure. At the large outdoor beer gardens, we relaxed at a tiny table and watched the world go by. After a long dark winter, the Danes come out to enjoy life to its fullest in the summer. Having fun is high-priority.


Denmark is healthy. We’ve all heard this, but until you witness it first hand you can’t really understand how great this is. Everyone is out biking, jogging or kayaking. As we walked through the parks groups of grammas jogged by happily chatting with each other. Little danish children enjoy riding in the front of fabulous custom made bicycles. Even the dogs look healthier here!


Denmark is so clean. When you visit a country that takes such good care of the earth it is hard not to be inspired. Each little house has a beautiful flower garden in front   The streets are spotless and the water crystal clear. When we used a public bathroom in the center of town an attendant ran in afterward to clean the toilet after each use. This might seem a bit much, but it makes a traveler’s experience so much brighter.


Denmark offers good value for the expense. It’s no secret that Scandinavia is one of the most expensive places in the world to visit. This was hard to adjust to at first, but later we realized we would rather spend more and have such a high-quality experience. We stayed in a budget hotel, and that worked well because it was so clean and well appointed it felt luxurious. When you know the quality of food you are receiving is top notch, it feels perfectly reasonable to spend a bit more on a meal.


We left Copenhagen feeling blessed that a happy accident turned into a wonderful memory. We can’t wait to return and explore this tiny, fabulous country some more.

Copenhagen from Hotel Window