• Our Wild Trabi Safari
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    Our Wild Trabi Safari

    Who wouldn’t want to cruise around Berlin driving a 1960’s East German Trabant? Traveling with two young adults in their 20’s often pushes me outside of my comfort zone and honestly, the Trabant is a car with no claim to comfort. We tend to waffle between seeing the great sites of a destination like the Brandenburg gate or The Berlin Wall and lounging around cafés near our hotel just people watching. We decided it was time to spice up our trip to Berlin with a truly unique tour. Trabi Safari offers escorted tours through former East Berlin and a chance to drive a vintage Trabi. Count us in! The Trabant, nicknamed…

  • How to Just Get To The Damn Hotel
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    How to Just Get to The Damn Hotel!

    After tackling my fear of flying by embracing Xanax I was ready to eliminate the other anxiety producing situations that have the potential to ruin my trips. When I arrive in a new location I am usually tired and frazzled. I’ve dealt with airport security, finding the right train platform or producing the proper travel documents and am ready to just crash. I’ve found one of the most stressful parts of a trip is traveling to my hotel or Airbnb the first time. I feel like it should be simple, but there are a number of factors that make it pretty difficult just to get to the damn hotel! These…

  • Celadon Shopping in Chiang Mai, Thailand
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    Celadon Shopping in Chiang Mai, Thailand

    ] One of the highlights of our trip to Chiang Mai was a visit to Baan Celadon. I knew very little about this unique pottery, but another woman in our group praised the beauty of Celadon so highly we knew we had to hit it up. Celadon is a form of pottery that originated in China. It was favored by royals long before the traditional blue and white work we associate with Chinese vases today. Celadon refers to both the pale jade color and type of glaze used on both earthenware and ceramics. The first known works of Celadon in Thailand date from the 13th century and were created by…

  • 3 Easy Mistakes To Avoid at the Nara Deer Park
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    3 Easy Mistakes to Avoid at the Nara Deer Park

    Before we traveled to Japan I read plenty of blog posts about happy visits to snow monkey pools, rabbit islands and bowing deer parks. They all involved up close encounters with wild animals in a gorgeous setting. Naturally, I was excited to have my own brush with these critters. We had our first chance at the Nara Deer Park when we took a day trip from Kyoto. The over 1200 deer are considered national treasures and are semi-domesticated. You can also see the Todai-ji Temple and Kofuku-ji Shrine, both UNESCO World Heritage monuments. The visit turned out to be one of the highlights of our trip, but for goodness sake,…

  • Harry, The Hedgehog Cafe, Tokyo, Japan
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    Harry, The Hedgehog Cafe, Tokyo, Japan

    In so many ways Japan proved to be one of the most unique places I’ve ever visited. There is an amazing mix of ancient shrines and temples, stunning natural beauty and over the top cuteness. In Japan “kawaii”, the quality of cuteness, is pervasive. Stores carry a huge variety of cute stuffed animals, stickers, key chains and clothing printed with darling images. Young women dress in all manner of cute styles from lacy little anklets to giant, floppy hair bows. In the early 2000’s the passion for cuteness and the inability to own pets due to small apartments and long work hours gave birth to the cat cafe craze. These…

  • Our 2015 Denmark, Sweden and Germany Trip Budget
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    Our 2015 Denmark, Sweden and Germany Trip Budget

    t In the interest of comparison, I’ve decided to take a look at our budget and expenses for our 2015 Europe trip. You can read about our 2016 Japan budget here. We knew we wanted to go back to Europe after spending two weeks in Ireland, London and Paris the year before. We weren’t sure where we would go, so we watched for airfare deals in countries we might want to visit. When a good deal on a flight to Copenhagen popped up we jumped on it. Scandinavia is well known for being pricey, but was definitely on our bucket list. We had heard wonderful things about Berlin, so we added a…

  • The Madonna Inn, San Luis Obispo
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    The Madonna Inn

    [ As a child growing up in the 1960’s and 70’s a highlight of any road trip on California’s central coast was a stop at The Madonna Inn. It was built in 1958 by Alex and Phyllis Madonna in San Luis Obispo as a roadside inn for travelers headed up and down the coast.The iconic inn continues to delight children and adults today. The inn is mentioned in countless travel articles and shows. The rise in vogue of all things mid-century it is making it even more celebrated. Let’s take a quick tour! The Kitsch From the second you walk through the door you realize this is no sleek, Mad…

  • 5 Things to See at Harrods

    5 Things to See at Harrods

    ] Covering over 5 acres and 1,000,000 square feet, a visit to London’s Harrods department store can be overwhelming. It’s easy to get sensory overload and miss some of the standout experiences on a trip to this iconic store. In 2010 the store was sold to the Qatari royal family who have continued Harrod’s reputation for opulence. We spent an entire afternoon wandering the store and still just saw a fraction of the glamor and spectacle. Their motto “All Things, For All People, Everywhere” gives a clue to how much there is to see. These are our 5 “must see” tips for visiting Harrods. Art Check out the Halcyon Gallery…

  • Meeting the French Bakery tour
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    Our Meeting the French Bakery Tour

    My two adult children are often aggravated with me because I am an over planner. I believe half the fun of a vacation is researching and booking your time well before hand. My daughter was very surprised when we got to Paris and didn’t have every minute of the trip planned out. I knew we would see the big sites, but to be honest Paris overwhelmed me a bit. I had been apprehensive about the Parisian’s brusque reputation . From the minute we got off the train however, things felt really wonderful. We got lost walking to our hotel and a lovely French woman led us all the way to…

  • Bua Tong, Chiang Mai Thailand's Sticky Waterfall
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    Bua Tong, Chiang Mai Thailand’s “Sticky” Waterfall.

    [ In October, 2015 I visited Chiang Mai, Thailand with small group of friends. Our itinerary included some intriguing day trips to the countryside. From the beginning, I was very excited to see that we were headed to the Bua Tong waterfall, also known as the “Sticky Waterfalls.” The trip makes a wonderful day, or even just half day, excursion outside of the city. These very unique falls are a “must see” stop that I definitely recommend visiting.     We were picked up in the morning by our Thai hosts and made a quick stop at the Rimping supermarket to load up on snacks for our picnic lunch. We…