My Story

I love to take it easy. I started A Comfy Seat Travel Club after a wonderful trip to Denmark and Sweden with my two adult children. They had all the energy and enthusiasm in the world to take on adventures and it was fun to watch them explore and come to love new cities. They weren’t impressed with wheeled suitcases, Tempur-Pedic mattresses or seats near the bathroom. Getting lost in the Citadel in Copenhagen and adding a couple of extra miles to our hunt for the Little Mermaid didn’t faze them at all.  Quickly, it became clear that my priorities differed from theirs. I found that I enjoyed people watching from the sidewalk cafes. I preferred taking the elevator instead of 6 flights of stairs(or even 3!). When I got home and started planning our next trip there seemed to be an information gap between the youthful backpackers vlogs and the all-inclusive tours for senior citizens. I’m searching for ways to take the stress, inconvenience and worry out of our vacations and I hope to share my findings with you here. I’m excited to rent a bike and cruise through Hyde Park, Paddle a kayak in Stockholm or drive a Trabi through Berlin; but when I’m done, save me a comfy seat!

I hope you’ll join me.

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