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My Sustainable Coffee Setup


This may be hard to believe but until I have my first cup of coffee things aren’t so sweet at the Sweet Orange Cottage! After some experimentation I’ve figured out how to get that first cup quickly and sustainably.

Why Change Things Up?

A few years ago I was totally thrilled to get a Keurig coffee maker for Christmas. I thought it was the greatest device ever. No more measuring grounds, pouring water and waiting FOREVER in the morning for my coffee. Those little plastic cups were like magic! Of course, we all know now that those cute little cups are devastating for the environment. Even the inventor has serious regrets about what he created. I worried about the health consequences of all that plastic and didn’t feel comfortable with how clean the machine was either. I needed to find an alternative.

The Tools

The Routine

In the evenings I fill my electric kettle with enough water for 2-3 cups of coffee so I just need to switch it on in the morning. In the morning while my water’s boiling I add 2 tablespoons of coffee pre-ground on “drip” to my filter and set it on top of my cup. I pour the boiling water through the filter, add the used grounds to my compost pile and enjoy.

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