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Some Plateaus are Victories

The Results

This week I stuck to my to my “develop strong habits” plan and while no actual weight was lost, I’m feeling positive. It’s my birthday today and there was a little celebrating last night with a couple of glasses of wine, half of a delicious roll with butter, a shrimp taco and half a glorious(and large) ice cream sundae. I refuse to feel bad about any of it. A person doesn’t turn 60 every day and Lord, some solace was necessary! Staying the same this week feels a bit like a win. Not exciting for blog readers but fine by me.

Weigh-in Results

Sticking to the Plan

The strategy to keep up with exercise and plan and prep meals went well. I exercised 6 out of 7 days with 3 stenous sessions. I climbed the stairs at our city college and walked an extra distance on two other occasions. Sunday, I designed 7 days of menus, shopped for the week and prepped 5 days worth of lunches. There were no unintended visits to fancy supermarkets or fast food stops. I used my glass bento boxes for turkey taco salad, tomatoes, yogurt with strawberries and mango with almond butter on top. I brought along some cherries and tomatoes for mid-morning snacks. Dinners were pretty simple: three nights of cauliflower taco casserole, 2 nights of flatiron steak and artichoke, one night of Lean Cuisine and last night’s birthday treat. All in all, I felt the meals were reasonable and satisfying.

Meal Planning Bento Boxes
5 days worth of Lunches

Moving Forward

Until this morning I showed a small loss every day, so the dredded numbers didn’t mess with my head all week. I accept todays “stay the same.” I dodged the urge to binge and felt calm and content all week. The plan for next week is the same. Stick to the program, try to make strong habits, exercise regularly and avoid binges at all costs.

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