Tips to Make Memories of Your Trip
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5 Ways to Save Beautiful Vacation Memories

What Will These Guys Remember?
What Will These Guys Remember?

In my early 20’s I made two summer trips to London England by myself. These were wonderful, life altering adventures that I will remember always. It’s funny but the smell of exhaust will instantly transport me back to London in the early 80’s. I know, pretty crazy! Most people have negative associations to it but to me it brings joyful memories. One of the most important parts of travel in my opinion is the way it creates lasting memories. Here are five simple tips to enhance those memories.


Include Special Scents


Smells can powerfully transport us back in time. The scent of pine forests or lake waters will remind us of places we visited as a child. When I was 14 on my first trip to Europe I wore Bonnie Bell Lip Smackers piña colada flavor lip-gloss. Now, whenever I smell piña colada I think of that trip. I like to select a special travel size perfume and wear it every day while I am away. Then I only need to open up the little bottle when I get home to be reminded of the special place I went. I have included scented sachets in my luggage to keep my clothes fresh and create a memory.


Create a Playlist


The sounds of a place can create poignant memories. Whenever I’m in a natural setting I make a special point to listen for the birds, water flowing, or sound of the breeze in the trees. You can create your own special sound remembrances by downloading playlists of special music to Pandora or Spotify to listen to on the train or plane. Think of all the gorgeous Parisian songs like La Vie En Rose, La Boheme or the entire soundtrack to Les Miserables. How about Abba’s greatest hits when you stop in Stockholm? Then each time you hear these songs you will think of your trip.


Sketch Your Trip


I think we all know the importance of taking photographs to remember a vacation but I have recently discovered the joy of sketching. There are a many marvelous little books like [amazon text=Urban Sketchbook&asin=] that will teach you to draw what you see. I practiced drawing bowing dear, snow monkeys and geisha on our recent trip to Japan. Sketching encourages you to slow down and be in the moment, noticing things you wouldn’t catch in a photograph.


Create a Video


There are plenty of apps like imovie and Splice that will help you make a simple video of your travels. One of my favorite bloggers, Laura Gummerman, created this sweet video of her trip to Paris.

This is a great, simple article on making travel videos:


Have a Slideshow


I miss the days when neighbors, friends and family would get together to watch slideshows of each other’s vacation. This was a fun way to spend an evening at home. Invite friends who have also recently been on a trip to share their photos. Keep it short with each group contributing 5-10 minutes of their favorite photos. Mix up some cocktails, clear a space on your wall and use a [amazon text=projector&asin=] to hold your own travel club.


How do you keep travel memories fresh? Scrap booking? Instagram? Let me know in the comments.


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